Technology Level

Technology Level or Tech Level is a measure of technological capacity. A planet may have large sections, and/or populations at a more primitive level than listed.

Technology does not imply standard of living as workers in a high tech industrial world can have a poorer quality of life (perhaps not having the money to pay for high-tech health care), than a medieval farmer. The tech level does impact the exchange rate for the planet, and has a large effect on its economy and interstellar trade.

Enhanced tech levels describe the technology for different classes of technology (e.g. a planet may have a medical tech level different from its weapons tech level).

Generally, Technology Levels can be measured as follows:

0 Stone Age (fire)
1 Bronze Age (3500 BC)
2 Iron Age (1200 BC)
3 Medieval Age (600 AD)
4 Age of Sail (1450 AD)
5 Industrial Revolution (1730 AD)
5 Mechanized Age (1880 AD)
6 Circa 1910 AD
6 Nuclear Age (1940 AD)
7 Circa 1970 AD
8 Digital Age (1990 AD)
9 Early Stellar (2050 AD)
9 Early Stellar (2120 AD)
9 Average Stellar
10 Average Imperial
10 Average Stellar
11 High Stellar
12 Imperial Maximum
13 Darrian Historical Maximum

The member planets of the Sword Worlds Confederation have a maximum tech-level of 9, but most Sword Worlders are conversant with tech-level 10 equipment and can use it without difficulty.

Technology Level

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