Spinward Marches

The Spinward Marches is the Imperium’s farthest frontier sector, containing 439 star systems divided along a coreward/rimward line by the Imperial border. The region is dominated by two major powers: the Imperial Spinward Marches sector apparatus administered from Mora, and the frontier provinces of the Zhodani Consulate administered from Cronor.

In the independent territory between the two powers lie four smaller interstellar nations: the Federation of Arden, the Sword Worlds Confederation, the Border Worlds (a splinter state cut from the Sword Worlds during the Fifth Frontier War), and the Darrian Confederation. Each follows its own diplomatic line designed to maintain independence from both the Zhodani and the Imperium.

The Spinward Marches has been settled since the 400s and is still a frontier sector. High-tech worlds are scattered among empty, fallow worlds; there is potential for exploration, exploitation, and development for centuries to come.

The Sector is about 62% Imperial controlled with worlds belonging to various factions:
*Zhodani Consulate
*Darrian Confederation
*Sword Worlds
*Client States

Astrography and travel in the Marches are dominated by the Spinward Main, a chain of 223 systems meandering through 15 of the Marches’ 16 subsectors. Each system on the Spinward Main is only jump-1 from its nearest neighbors, making interstellar travel along the Main accessible even to starships with the least expensive jump drives.

Spinward Marches

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