District 268 was formally added to the Imperial rolls in 610 (the neighboring Five Sisters Subsector,created at the same time, was originally District 267) as the 268th subsector to be considered for inclusion in the Imperium. The Subsector lies rimward of the Sword Worlds Subsector, and near the wilderness of the Trojan Reaches.

As a district, its worlds are not members of the Imperium, but they do receive Imperial protection. Imperial affairs are administered from Glisten (Spinward Marches 2036) although a token capital is maintained at Mertactor.

In the early years of Marches exploration, the Spinward Main route through District 268 was the only viable route for jump-1 ships trading with the Imperial worlds in the Glisten Subsector. Although jump-2 and jump-3 traffic is more economical, enough jump-1 ships plied this route to create a trickle of settlement. In time, several important worlds grew up along the route:

Forine – an industrial world producing electronics components;
Tarkine – an agricultural producer of exotic spices; and
Collace – an industrial world producing a wide variety of low-cost, high-tech goods.

Collace is also the site of one of several Imperial scout bases in the district. Application has been made for membership in the Imperium, which is pending.

District 268 contains 32 worlds with a population totaling 10.6 billion. The highest population is 5.9 at Forine; Collace has 1.0 billion; the highest tech level is 10, at Collace.



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