Koenigs Rock

Koenig’s Rock is a modest sized nickel-iron asteroid in the Bowman system. It is of irregular shape, and is twenty-three kilometers across at its largest dimension. The asteroid is the third, but largely unofficial, Starport in Bowman. The other ports, which are near the system’s lone Gas Giant are run by LSP and the Imperium. The settlement has a permanent population of around a thousand, but a transient population almost doubles that.

The asteroid itself tumbles slowly through space, and the port is at the bottom of a large crevasse. Landing there is notoriously tricky. Pilots are encouraged to use extreme caution.

Koenig’s Rock is largely lawless. It is not violent enough to rate a Travellers’ Advisory, but care should be taken.

Various services are available on the Rock. Cargo brokers, arms merchants, various hotels and bars all maintain a presence on here.

Koenigs Rock

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