A poor, non-industrial world located on the Bowman Arm in the Sword Worlds Subsector of the Spinward Marches. Enos is a member of the Sword Worlds Confederation and the system contains a military base.

Enos is the first world in orbit around the red, main sequence star Kaleshi. Apart from Enos, the system contains a single sparse asteroid belt and a half dozen minor planetoids which have escaped the belt.

Enos is the most rimward member of the Sword Worlds, and is only tenuously connected with its off-world government. Many travellers have noted that Enos is treated as a ghetto by the Sword Worlds’ rulers, as is evident by its low tech level and lack of cultural funding and support.

Enos is small but unusually dense, being composed largely of heavier metals and similar massive materials. Geological evidence indicates that Enos itself may have been a rogue world which was captured by Kaleshi during a close encounter. The planet’s standard atmosphere is also very unusual in light of its probable background.

There is no evidence that life of any sort ever managed to evolve on Enos, probably due to the planet’s total lack of surface water. Deep scans of the planet have found huge pockets of gases and fluids. Modern society on Enos depends wholly on these pockets for water.

Perhaps the most unusual aspect of Enos’ geology is the Fire Sea. At first glance, this region is nothing more than a sweeping desert of sand broken only rarely by outcroppings of sand-blasted rocks and crags. However, a huge pocket of methane gas rests in the strata beneath the Fire Sea’s shifting sands. Because the bedrock in this area is very brittle and has been shattered by seismic activity, the dangerous methane vapors are constantly seeping to the surface. As a result, the Fire Sea is a dangerous place to travel as any unprotected spark in the wrong place may cause a detonation.

In addition, the escaping gas often takes the form of a powerful jet. When this happens, an electrostatic discharge often builds up and causes the stream to ignite. These mighty pillars of flame often trigger long chains of powerful explosions which can decimate areas several kilometers in diameter. These blasts cause the bedrock below to break down even more quickly, releasing more gas and compounding the hazards for travellers.

The 750,000 inhabitants of Enos live in conditions which most off-worlders consider to be barbaric. Their government, originally appointed by the central Sword Worlds government on Gram in 950, has become stagnant and corrupt. Were it not for the planet’s distance from the heartlands of the Sword Worlds Confederation, it would probably have been placed under a stricter leadership long ago.

The planetary law level, though officially very high, is nothing more than a paper doctrine. The law is unevenly applied, and most frequently the peasantry sees greatest enforcement. There are few crimes, including murder, which cannot be committed by those with the influence or wealth to escape punishment. In many cases, convicted criminals are freed by powerful local figures in exchange for a period of indentured servitude. Bribery, treason, and deceit are ways of life on Enos. Enos has become home to a number of corsair bands. As long as they restrict themselves to raids on worlds outside of the Sword Worlds Confederation and cut the local authorities in on a share of the plunder, their activities go unchecked. Technically, possession of weapons is illegal.

A Sword Worlds military garrison is maintained on Enos at the request of the local government, serving to keep the corsair bands from setting their sights on planetary domination. Duty in the Enos Garrison is considered a punishment by most members of the Confederacy’s military pool because of the unsavory nature of the local society. The local technology level is very low, being roughly similar to that employed on Terra during its First World War; making it Tech Level late 5 or early 6. Although there are numerous examples of higher technology items around the world, these are almost always in the hands of off-world interests.

The system has no gas giants and a primitive Class I Starport. Refueling can be problematic since Enos has no surface water, which adds to the lack of visitors to this system. Refueling usually has to be negotiated through one of the mining concerns who sell unrefined Methane at grossly inflated prices. Enos rarely sees more than a handful of ships pass through the system in a standard year.

For obvious reasons, Enos has at times been declared an Amber Zone.



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