Beyond the Trojan Reach

Dirt Farming

After Olaf of Gram took care of his own business, the crew headed off to the LSP facility for the promised easy job. Finding the facility wasn’t quite as easy as suggested, but the crew was sharp-eyed enough to figure it out.

They found a modular cutter; the module was used as office/living space by LSP, and the flying part was handed over to the crew to finish the mission: fly “under the radar” to a location near a farm, set up some pumping gear, and return.

The mission went smoothly — it was obvious that something sketchy was going on, but the crew had trouble figuring out what. As far as they could tell, the pump extracted water from an aquifer and vaporized it.

After returning, the crew was invited to catch a nap in the LSP facility, and while there Ulf Ericsson did a bit of snooping around on the computer system, unearthing work orders of similar tasks in the past, including a “site prep” one that seems to have lead to the death of several of their predecessors. Overall, “site prep” jobs had all the signs of some kind of wet job.

With the mission completed successfully, the crew returned to town, being promised more future employment.



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