Beyond the Trojan Reach

Beach Vacation

Jon, Amber, Geoff, Marius Dalen, Kurzon “Kooz” Baridson, Olaf of Gram and Ulf Ericsson deftly navigated Naddod to Faldor.

Immediately upon emerging from Jumpspace, Ulf thought he caught something in the distance on passive sensors, but not being that familiar with the ship yet, nothing could be confirmed and the captain pushed ahead with landing.

The crew was unable to raise the camp on the ground, but found its location and landing pad easily. There was no sign of life, and taking this to be a bad sign Jon, Marius Ulf and Kurzon went to check out the camp, while the rest of the crew remained behind to ready the ship for refueling.

Jon was pretty quick to taste the sea water and air, obviously comfortable with new worlds. The first oddity that the explorers found was a crater — one that quickly turned out to house a large insect-like creature that collapsed some of the sand on the crater, causing Marius to tumble down. The rest of the crew put a quick end to the creature before Marius was too badly harmed.

Subsequent examination found that the electrified gate separating the camp from the jungle was off, with its failsafe gates open. The fusion generator of the camp had been neatly removed, the sled was gone, and the remaining tents were damaged and infested with large insect-like creatures. The ship’s sensors, not really meant for terrestrial sensing, detected no signs of energy or technology nearby.

The crew returned to the ship and started the refuel while considering what their next move would be.



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