The heroic flight of the Gram was many centuries ago, and the people of that historic flight inhabited the planets now known as the Sword Worlds. At first they prospered, and expanded to occupy many star systems; even keeping some in reserve for later expansion. However, they were too conservative. They squabbled among themselves. They became technologically stagnant. And now they find themselves surrounded; their once great domain carved away by the Imperium in the Fifth Frontier War. The aggressive and expanding Imperium is rimward, and already “protects” many proud worlds once part of your domain. The spooky Zhodani, with their rigid culture and psionic powers, bound the few remaining worlds Coreward, and the treacherous Darrians, with their high technology with which they can bend the very stars to their will, press inward on the few remaining Sword Worlds.

Recently, forward thinking people have been floating a brazen idea. Some might even call it insane. If our great forefathers could escape Sol at the during of the Long Night; why could we not do the same? Many sectors away are worlds which have only been visited by probes. Do we lack the courage of our ancestors? Let us escape the shackles, and find some breathing space.

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Beyond the Trojan Reach

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