Zhodani Consulate

The Zhodani give the name Driantia Zhdantia to their interstellar community. The name is commonly translated in Anglic as Zhodani Consulate.

The consulate consists of about 6,500 systems spread through more than 175 subsectors. It is located spinward and coreward of the Imperium.

The Zhodani do not have an Xboat system. Naval bases are directly linked by relay stations using fast couriers that also carry government mail. Naval bases and depots exist on important or threatened worlds. The equivalent of scout bases are simply naval bases that are oriented toward supporting survey or exploration operations.

Most Zhodani worlds are TL7-12 averaging TL9-10. Forbidden Worlds (similar to Imperial Red Zones) have access prohibited by the Consulate: Military training grounds, planetary bombardment test ranges, Ancient sites, sources or rare or valuable resources, and secret Consular research stations. Unabsorbed worlds (equivalent to Amber Zones) are claimed and governed by the Consulate but not absorbed into the mainstream Zhodani culture. Reservation worlds belong to friendly non-Human races that have signed binding treaties with the Consulate. Essentially they are permanently unabsorbed worlds.


The Zhodani Cosulate is a democracy. Representatives (called consuls) are elected to ruling councils for one olympiad, with those councils responsible for specific responsibilities within the government. Members of the councils are also given the authority to carry out their programs and orders.

Citizenship (and thus the right to vote) in Zhodani society is restricted to the Nobility. Proles and Intendants cannot vote, although they can express their opinions to the Nobility and attempt to lobby or persuade Consuls to specific courses of action.

Each community (generally defined as around 50,000 people) elects a council of ten. The local council selects two of its members to serve on the next highest council, generally the world council. The World council elects two members to the Subsector council, who in turn elects two members to the Province council. The Province councils then each select two of their members to serve on the Supreme council.

The ultimate ruling authority of the Zhodani Consulate is the Qlomblabr; the Supreme Council. Unlike other councils, where newly elected members replace incumbents, the Supreme Council consists of two groups – the standing council (composed of conventionally elected counculs), and senior members (composed of all former members of the standing council).

Senior members of the council are an advisory body; they provide experience and advise the standing council. Senior members are often offered specific projects to oversee to completion.

Zhodani Consulate

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