Human Major Race (Homo sapiens zhdotlas) inhabiting the Zhodani Consulate, a region far spinward of the Imperium. The Zhodani Consulate rules a sphere approximately 70 parsecs in diameter immediately to corespinward of the Imperium, believed to include in excess of 80% of all racial Zhodani. Much of the remainder inhabits the Zhodani client states, although other sub-species of Humaniti are also to be found in the client states and the consulate.

The Zhodani are a discrete, though interfertile, sub-species of Humaniti, independently descended from human stock transplanted by the Ancients. In general, they tend to be taller than Solomani or Vilani, and lithe of build. Averaging 2.0 meters in height and massing upwards of 90 kilograms, they tend to be swarthy in complexion and dark-haired. Their most important difference is the acceptance and use of Psionics. Zhodani nobles often wear a turban-like headdress which serves to accentuate their height.

Psionic capability is what determines a persons place within Zhodani society. Those of high Psionic ability, especially if it is demonstrably hereditary, may be elevated to the position of nobility. Those of recent, or lesser potential, make up a middle tier of the culture, while those of no ability are relegated to menial roles and jobs.

The Zhodani utilize Psionic abilities, such as Telepathy, to even prevent crime before it occurs, and the person detained is “re-educated” and re-introduced to society. While other cultures may bristle at the idea that “thought crime” can exist, the Zhodani point to their very orderly and peaceful society as evidence that their method is superior.

The Sword Worlds, despite their cultural differences, have been allies of the Zhodani against the Imperium.



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