A high population, heavily industrialized garden world located on the “Gram Arm” of the Sword Worlds section of the Spinward Main. Gram has a normal climate with a dense oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere tainted by industrial pollution. Gram is the capital of the Sword Worlds Confederation.

The Gram system has two stars: the primary, Sigurd, and its companion, Sigmund. Gram orbits at a distance of 4.0 AU and has a single small moon. The world is remarkable in that its surface is almost perfectly divided between land and water; there is one giant ocean, Vendshavet, and one supercontinent, Midgaard, though Gram also has a number of small inland seas here and there. The capital city of Gram is Ny Kalmar; a smaller city, Faellesborg, serves as capital for the Confederation.

Gram was the first of the Sword Worlds to be settled. The world was sufficiently habitable to allow the colonists to establish a home and then spread out to what became the other Sword Worlds as their numbers grew. For this reason the people of Gram have always considered themselves the original and best Sword Worlders, and of course the rightful leaders of the Confederation. Gram has been at least the nominal capital of the Confederation since 852.

Gram produces most of the warships used throughout the Confederation. Conditions in Gram’s industrial cities are rather grim, with unrest common among the workers.

Gram has three gas giants and an orbital military base. The original was was badly battered in the last days of the Fifth Frontier War, and a new one was constructed following the war.


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