Faldor is a Non-Aligned world located on the Bowman Arm in the District-268 of the Spinward Marches. The world is a backwater world that sees little or no traffic due to its lack of industry and thick soupy atmosphere that requires a filter mask to breathe properly. The planet itself is smallish and has low gravity. Faldor has a single small moon and orbits an unremarkable M2 V star. Two other rock ball worlds circle the star. The system also has two asteroid belts which have not been developed, or are not remarkable in their content.

Most of the planet is dry land as the water seems to be receding and the polar ice-caps are growing. This is thought to be a result of the planet heading for a new ice age. Becauset of the reduction in standing water and the falling temperatures, much of the planet is becoming drier and deserts are forming.

The population of Faldor is comprised of a sentient, yet primitive race known as the Otarri. Physically the Otarri are humanioid in size and shape. They are amphibians, requiring regular soaking in water to prevent their skin from drying out. The Otarri have a number of other features which mark them as water dwelling creatures, including webbed feet and hands and over-sized eyes with excellent dim light vision. The Otarri are largely carnivores, and occasionally cannibalistic.

The recent climactic changes to Faldor have forced the native Otarri into smaller and smaller enclaves near the scarce water and swampland that remain on their world.

Each of the scattered tribes on Faldor are separated from others by areas of wilderness that are dominated by the thick ferny vegetation that is the closest analogue to a tree on this planet. These plants grow to a height of around 6m at most and tend to dominate areas once they take hold. Wild animals of many types inhabit these areas and travel between places can be particularly hazardous if one does not follow the well-beaten path. These ferns are also responsible for a large amount of airborne spores which further make the atmosphere unbreathable without filtration.

The Otarri have made contact with interstellar merchants. The Otarri have little to trade and are apparently highly aggressive with outsiders.

The system has no Gas Giants and an extremely primitive Starport with no services available. These factors add to the lack of visitors to this system.



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