Border Worlds

Imperial client state formed in in 1111 from Sword Worlds Confederation worlds occupied by Imperial forces at the end of the Fifth Frontier War. The Border Worlds are overseen by the Border Worlds Authority.

The original Border Worlds were Dyrnwyn, Durendal, Hofud, Beater, Sting, Biter, Iron, Bronze, Steel, and Mithril with Sting as the capital. Shortly afterwards, the worlds of Tyrfing and Sacnoth seceded from the Confederation and joined.

While the worlds are nominally under Imperial oversight, the people of the individual planets are still Sword Worlders by heritage, and chafe under authority. The grip of the Imperium is far from solid, and on many worlds little has changed. On some worlds, Hofud in particular, there is a smoldering anti-Imperial independence movement.

Travel and trade between the Border Worlds and the Sword Worlds Confederation is supposed to occur only at the Sacnoth and Tyrfing checkpoints. However, ships with Jump-2 or greater capacity frequently violate this restriction.

Border Worlds

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