Beyond the Trojan Reach

Beach Vacation

Jon, Amber, Geoff, Marius Dalen, Kurzon “Kooz” Baridson, Olaf of Gram and Ulf Ericsson deftly navigated Naddod to Faldor.

Immediately upon emerging from Jumpspace, Ulf thought he caught something in the distance on passive sensors, but not being that familiar with the ship yet, nothing could be confirmed and the captain pushed ahead with landing.

The crew was unable to raise the camp on the ground, but found its location and landing pad easily. There was no sign of life, and taking this to be a bad sign Jon, Marius Ulf and Kurzon went to check out the camp, while the rest of the crew remained behind to ready the ship for refueling.

Jon was pretty quick to taste the sea water and air, obviously comfortable with new worlds. The first oddity that the explorers found was a crater — one that quickly turned out to house a large insect-like creature that collapsed some of the sand on the crater, causing Marius to tumble down. The rest of the crew put a quick end to the creature before Marius was too badly harmed.

Subsequent examination found that the electrified gate separating the camp from the jungle was off, with its failsafe gates open. The fusion generator of the camp had been neatly removed, the sled was gone, and the remaining tents were damaged and infested with large insect-like creatures. The ship’s sensors, not really meant for terrestrial sensing, detected no signs of energy or technology nearby.

The crew returned to the ship and started the refuel while considering what their next move would be.

Dirt Farming

After Olaf of Gram took care of his own business, the crew headed off to the LSP facility for the promised easy job. Finding the facility wasn’t quite as easy as suggested, but the crew was sharp-eyed enough to figure it out.

They found a modular cutter; the module was used as office/living space by LSP, and the flying part was handed over to the crew to finish the mission: fly “under the radar” to a location near a farm, set up some pumping gear, and return.

The mission went smoothly — it was obvious that something sketchy was going on, but the crew had trouble figuring out what. As far as they could tell, the pump extracted water from an aquifer and vaporized it.

After returning, the crew was invited to catch a nap in the LSP facility, and while there Ulf Ericsson did a bit of snooping around on the computer system, unearthing work orders of similar tasks in the past, including a “site prep” one that seems to have lead to the death of several of their predecessors. Overall, “site prep” jobs had all the signs of some kind of wet job.

With the mission completed successfully, the crew returned to town, being promised more future employment.

Ship's Log

No ship. No mission. No money coming in to the kitty. Life inside the Service was hard, but at least I could (usually) count on three hots and a cot. Now I am not sure of where my next meal is coming from. A good ship is a good place to start…



How you got here is your own story. The most Gods Forsaken rock in the Sword Worlds. But hey, at least you can breathe the air, if you can get past the stench of petro-chemicals and sulfur. The sun is the worst part. A big, red, orb in the sky. You can look dead at it and not hurt your eyes. Everything is made ruddy and strangely dim beneath its red light. It is hot, it throws out plenty of infrared, but there is not enough ultra-violet to risk a sun burn.

The winds blow pretty good at times. And when they do it picks up a storm of nasty, alkaline dust you’ve learned to stay inside to avoid. When it kicks up, the static electricity and lightning can get pretty impressive.

There is really only one city, Arthjar, and it barely has twenty thousand people in it. The business of Arthjar seems to be supporting the nearby farms, which eek out a meager existence in sheltered areas, with water from Qanats giving access to the water beneath the surface. Wealthier farmers rattle around in beat up trucks and jalopies, which are maintained and built in small shops.

There is starship traffic here, but none has come to town. Ling Standard Products has a pretty big presence on the planet, but its oil drilling operations are almost entirely self-sufficient. They don’t even seem to employ locals. If the gunk they are pulling out of the ground is going off-planet, they aren’t doing it through this town.

Now to somehow get off this rock…

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