Beyond the Trojan Reach



How you got here is your own story. The most Gods Forsaken rock in the Sword Worlds. But hey, at least you can breathe the air, if you can get past the stench of petro-chemicals and sulfur. The sun is the worst part. A big, red, orb in the sky. You can look dead at it and not hurt your eyes. Everything is made ruddy and strangely dim beneath its red light. It is hot, it throws out plenty of infrared, but there is not enough ultra-violet to risk a sun burn.

The winds blow pretty good at times. And when they do it picks up a storm of nasty, alkaline dust you’ve learned to stay inside to avoid. When it kicks up, the static electricity and lightning can get pretty impressive.

There is really only one city, Arthjar, and it barely has twenty thousand people in it. The business of Arthjar seems to be supporting the nearby farms, which eek out a meager existence in sheltered areas, with water from Qanats giving access to the water beneath the surface. Wealthier farmers rattle around in beat up trucks and jalopies, which are maintained and built in small shops.

There is starship traffic here, but none has come to town. Ling Standard Products has a pretty big presence on the planet, but its oil drilling operations are almost entirely self-sufficient. They don’t even seem to employ locals. If the gunk they are pulling out of the ground is going off-planet, they aren’t doing it through this town.

Now to somehow get off this rock…



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